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How do I know its time to call a professional air duct cleaning service?

There are mainly two easy way to monitor the need for air duct cleaning.

  1. Take a look at the main air intake and the filter. If the filter needs replacement and the space inside the main intake is dusty, then it is definitely time for a professional air duct cleaning.
  2. Take a look at the vent registers around the house. If you see that dust accumulates on the vent, then the inside will need a deep cleaning as well.

My dryer does not dry the clothes, should I call a dryer vent cleaning service?

There could be several reasons why the dryer is not drying properly.

First, it is necessary to check the dryer vent and clean it if necessary. However, the lack of drying could also be due to a burnt fuse or an issue with the gas flow.

How often should I clean my attic?

For attic cleaning there is really no set schedule. It is based on the current condition and past maintenance that was done. However, air duct and attic inspection is recommended at least once every 5 years.

Can I insualte my air ducts if they are not currently insulated?

Yes, we can always insulate the air ducts and the attic as well. Of course we have to make sure the air ducts are in good shape and the attic is cleared of harmful waste.

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